Galactic Civilsation: Ultimate Edition, PC – 61p

Galactic Civilsation: Ultimate Edition, PC – 61p

First you need to download Impulse, search for “GalCiv”, then apply code “GC1ULTIMATE99” to get the discount.

If you already have Impulse, just click here.

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  1. Toby #

    Even though I will most likely not play it, I bought it anyway. It is less than quid, for crying out loud! Couldn’t resist.

  2. Roonmastor #


    Can’t buy with PayPal if you use a coupon on Impulse and they don’t take debit cards.

  3. Shadowmancer #

    They don’t take debit cards only credit cards which is a bit gay, can’t even buy a game at a bargain price 🙁 , no wonder steam is in the lead of digital distribution they take any form of payment.

  4. Shadowmancer #

    After digging on the internets, it turns out you can only pay on vouchered impulse games with a credit card, debit cards and paypal are not taken see here

  5. Shadowmancer #

    Oddly enough I tried again and it worked for me.

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