Limbo: It is absolutely beautiful

It really is.

It’s just beautiful.

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Bit.Trip.Runner: Impressions

I felt kind of sad for Bit.Trip.Runner.

There was a huge hustle and bustle at the Aksys booth at PAX. A teeming crowd of geeks were crowded around their screens. All clamouring to take part in a BlazBlue tournament to win a T-Shirt or something. There was a screen with a Wii controller balanced next to it, and no one playing. I wormed my way to the front to see that it was playing Bit.Trip.Runner. I asked “Can I play this please”, and the nice PR man said “sure!” and gave me a badge.

I was a happy Lewie.

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Hello Games: "We hate Monaco"

Those guys sure are bitter about missing out on the IGF. I couldn’t get them to shut up about how much they hate Monaco.

Sean and Grant from Hello Games

In all seriousness, I caught up with Sean and Grant from @hellogames whilst at PAX, because why not fly halfway round the world to interview people who have also just flown halfway round the world.

They talk about the process they went through to decide which platform to release on. Joe Danger is on PSN for now, maybe other platforms (including Game Gear) later. How come they went to PAX, and what the hell “Indie” means to them.

Follow the game’s development here.


Interview: Twisted Pixel's Mike Wilford

At PAX East 2010, Twisted Pixel were showing off their upcoming game, Comic Jumper. The CEO, Mike Wilford, took some time out to chat with us about the game and their previous work.

Twisted Pixel on Comic Jumper and more

See the game in action here.


Boston Indie Showcase: Where everybody knows your game

In 2008, Penny-Arcade created the PAX10, a way of showing off some cool things that indie developers were doing alongside the best of the big games at PAX. For PAX East, they did things a bit differently. They made the Boston Indie Showcase, a selection of what the thriving indie community in the Boston area have to offer.

Selected for the inaugural Indie Showcase were:
Fire Hose Games (Slam Bolt Scrappers)
Dejobaan Games (AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!)
MIT Gambit Game Lab (Dearth)
MIT Gambit Game Lab (Waker)
Keith Morgado (Turba)
Marc ten Bosch (Miegakure)

I played all of them, and caught up with the developers of each of them. Here’s the evidence!

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