Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PC – £6.85

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PC – £6.85

Registers on Steam.

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  1. Pity I can’t register on They ask for my visa details and it goes all loopy then. Still, I’ve got Saints Row and Skyrim to keep me busy. This’ll be on sale next Christmas too! 🙂

    • Mavi #

      I can’t register there either 🙁 .. isn’t it some scam site or something? O_o … I want Deus Ex D:

      • Mavi #

        I tried it again.. and nothing again .. when I click proceed after I fill the credit card info, it opens the homepage inside of that frame where I put the credit card (kinda inception D:) … when I looked at my e-banking, it took 1CZK from my account (twice because I tried it twice) …. and it still didn’t register me … and I can’t access forums because they are just for registered users .. when I try to contact them on this page (after I write something in the “How Can I Help?” box, it shows hyperlink on the bottom with “Ask the representative by: Email” .. when I click it, two boxes are there, one is Email, second is More Details.. when I filled that in, and described my problem, and clicked Submit, it says “The title of your question is too short” .. but I don’t see any title box.. wth is with this site :-/

        • Mavi #

          Sorry for so many replies, but I finally managed to submit atleast my email to them (The “How can I help?” box is actually the title box.)

    • Glas #

      Same problem here, at least I know it’s not just me!

  2. Chris #

    Worked fine for me , added it to STEAM and it validated and downloading

  3. Jack #

    Not quite sure if it’s the same thing but I remember having a similar problem a while back, with the webiste not working. I solved it by using Internet Explorer instead of Chrome.

    • Mavi #

      Tried IE, Chrome, Firefox, and it just doesn’t work 🙁 .. sometimes it can’t go past the first form (before the credit card info) and it shows just the page in the page… and if it.. by some miracle.. proceed to the second page with credit card info, from that page it always leads to the page in the page situation :-/ .. oh well, I think I will must pass this awesome deal then..

  4. ExReey #

    Got the same problem…

  5. menhel #

    I’ve managed to buy but I can’t find my code anywhere in my account. Do you think they have run out of stock or am I just being thick?

    • menhel #

      It has finally appeared after purchasing last night. Seemed like it just needed a bit of time.

  6. Squizz #

    Thanks for the heads up Savygamer. I was tempted to get it @ £11 in the Steam sale but £6.85 is a bargain !

  7. ExReey #

    So did anyone manage to make this work? I still can’t register…

    • Mavi #

      FOR EVERYONE WHO CAN’T REGISTER: here’s their facebook site: , I wrote the problem there and they get it to work for me 🙂 I am now registered and finally I can log-in 🙂

      • ExReey #

        Where did you leave your message? The Wall?

        • Mavi #

          Yes I left message on their “Happy New Year” post 🙂

  8. ExReey #

    Thanks. They replied and now the site works for me.

    But now it seems they won’t let me buy downloadable games from my country. Too bad…

  9. Toby #

    I chose to pay through paypal, but had to go through their own payment system. Still, it worked and I got my code immediately.

    Overall, I haven’t been too impressed by shopto recently (didn’t get GoW3 preorder bonus, items shown as in stock when they aren’t, confusing automated customer service), but hey, cheap is cheap.

  10. PGJ #

    That site is one big piece of rubbish! I’ve tried to sign up several times and each time it fails.Don’t they want customers? How the heck can a company have such a crappy site!?!??!

    • Glas #

      Contact them, mentioning your email address, and they’ll activate your account.

  11. PearlChoco #

    If anyone who is eligible to purchase this Deus Ex version from them for me (can’t do it from Belgium), I’ll be glad to Paypal you the money back!

    My Steam profile is PearlChoco

    • PearlChoco #

      Nevermind, the action is over.

  12. Tom #

    As of 4th Jan it’s gone up to £16.85 (still not a bad price though retail discs in some stores are cheaper still).

    I had a lot of problems registering on the site, was biilled the £1 verification charge multiple times by registration process despite it never completing sucessfully (no refund has arrived for those charges yet but i’m sure it’ll come), and missed out on my chance to pick up Deus Ex at that ultra-low price.

    Probably enough to complain about, however calling the freephone customer services number yesterday I spoke to a guy called Andy, who sorted out all this out for me and was pretty cheery and helpful.

    All in all, I’d say that’s victory snatched from the jaws of defeat, so I’ll forgive the crappy checkout/registration process and I’ll be ready for next time they run such a good deal.

  13. otakufloyd #

    I tried to register for their site as well and it failed twice. So far I haven’t gotten my money back they charged for the verification process.
    Does anyone know how I can contact them?
    There is no E-Mail provided by them, and the one they had previously is just giving me an automated message that “this email address is no longer active”. I also really do not want to have to go through facebook to reach them, as I don’t have an account there and don’t want to sign up for facebook.
    Being from Germany, calling them is sort of out of the question as that would cost too much.
    Reserving money from my credit card for “verification” and then not refunding it sounds very fishy to me, as things are at the moment.

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