Ten years of SavyGamer

May 2007 was a confusing time. Tobey Maguire was teaching the world to dance, Rihanna found her true calling as a meteorologist, and some weirdo Business & Economics student decided that there should be a website where you can easily find out about all the best deals on video games in one place.

Yes, this very website has survived ten entire trips around the sun, as today marks one decade of SavyGamer. In that time we’ve posted a total of 34,053 deals posts, which is ~3,405 a year, or ~9.3 a day. And let me tell you, I have used the “select all” keyboard shortcut quite a lot during that time.

I originally started it as a fun little side project for something to pad out my CV with, and never really had any idea it would become my career. But with the perspective granted by the passage of time, it’s become clear that it was what I was always supposed to do. I’ve watched the market for buying games radically change over the years, but one constant has been the enjoyment I get from helping people push their gaming budget as far as possible, and encouraging people to take a punt on games that might have otherwise never even considered playing.

Those of you who follow me on twitter may have noticed that as of last month I’m actually balancing two jobs now. As of last month, in addition to running SavyGamer, I’m the Guest Relations Manager for a resort on the tropical island paradise of Koh Rong Samloem. There’s been a bit of an adjustment period where I’m getting the knack of juggling two responsibilities, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it now. SavyGamer users get one free beer by applying the coupon “SAVYFREEBEER” at the bar.

I’m off to open a nice bottle of red, but before I go, I need to dish out some gratitude. I’d have never made it into the second year, never mind the tenth, without the practical and emotional support of my family. The various contributors who’ve had my back and grabbed the reigns of the site whenever I’ve needed some downtime have been integral in keeping the site constantly up to date. Finally, I am eternally grateful to each and every SavyGamer user, you’re the lifeblood of the site, and the reason I keep doing this every day. Thanks to everyone.

Here’s to another ten years.

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  1. Darryl #

    Hot damn 10 years.

    Don’t think I’ve been a subscriber for that long, but easily 5 of that.

    Glad it’s working out.


  2. Thomas Ryan #

    Cheers for all your hard work, you’ve saved me s pretty penny over the years, so I’m very grateful.

    Your new job sounds ace!! 😀

  3. Thanks for all the deals, and keeping the website and yourself live!
    Also thank you for my backlog being so damn huge.

  4. Cheers to the next ten and the ten after, and congratulations for the great public service you’ve done here, and also for keeping up with both jobs 🙂

  5. Reader #

    Well done good sir!
    Although I haven’t purchased many games lately, I still appreciate the effort you go through to find bargains for us! =)

  6. TeraTelnet #

    Congratulations Lewie, long may your success continue!

  7. Mr T #

    You have been a wonder for my bank balance. Thanks Lewie, a decade I hope you’ve enjoyed as much as I have (although I’ve only been watching SavyGamer for about 7/8 years!

  8. Shane_Piecrust #

    Thanks for everything! I owe you a pint….

  9. 2000AD #

    Farcry 3 for a fiver not long after release #NeverForget

  10. Karl #

    Great job and thanks for the site. Get drunk!

  11. Basefree #

    I’ve been a long time visitor of this site and pretty much check it out every single day of my life. I’m very grateful for what you do (and so is my wallet, although acting on impulse because of a good deal probably has a far worse effect, but I digress). I’m glad that you’ve found a balance in your work life. Cheers!

  12. Thank you so much for putting the effort into SavyGamer for the last 10 years. I’ve found it incredibly useful, especially in the pointers to bargain games that I would never otherwise have given a chance to and have given me many hours of enjoyment.

    Good luck for the next 10 years! 🙂

  13. art #

    well done on reaching a decade. love your site and really appreciate all your hard work . heres to 10 more great years.

  14. Fish-E #

    I’ve been visiting for about 9 of those years, I still remember you gifting me a copy of Mirror’s Edge!

    Thanks for all the great deals Lewie.

  15. MacDuff #

    Thanks for the good work Lewie, been following you since RPS and hopefully many more years to come.

  16. NRool #

    Mate, thank YOU for all the hard work you’ve put into this amazingly simple, and helpful site.
    You’re an absolute legend and you’ve saved me more money than I can even count at this point.

    Good luck with your jobs, and best wishes from me and my Sister

  17. Thomas #

    Thank you for the hard work Lewie – much appreciated.

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