Metroid Prime Trilogy, Wii U – £8.99

Metroid Prime Trilogy, Wii U – £8.99 on the eShop.

Since the friends token unlock system is now offline, you might want to grab one of these save files,, otherwise you won’t be able to unlock everything.

You’ll need to put the save onto an SD card in the directory “\private\wii\title\R3MP”, rename it “data.bin”, stick it in your Wii U, and then copy it across from the Wii Memory Management menu (launched from the Wii backwards compatibility mode).

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  1. Gnushu #

    Can anyone confirm when this deal ends? Just ordered the £99 console from Tesco, due to get it Saturday, weather permitting, and this really, really appeals to me! Thanks!

    • Lewie Procter #

      It lasts a week. Should be available until some time in the afternoon on the 5th of Feb.

  2. Paul Downs #

    Whilst I’m waiting for my Wii U to download this… does anyone know how I actually use the save files you kindly linked to Lewie. I’ve downloaded metroid_prime_trilogy_eu.bin and put it on an SD Card, It doesn’t show up in the Wii Menu on the Wii U… I’m kinda hoping the game will just pick it up??

    • Paul Downs #

      So… first of all Metroid Prime seems to crash the Wii U for me if it’s installed on an external device.


      – Start metroid prime and go so far as creating save data and selecting a mii.
      – Quit and launch the wii menu, copy the save data to SD card.
      – Put SD card in PC, go to private\wii\title\R3MP and backup data.bin somewhere.
      – Copy metroid_prime_trilogy_eu.bin over data.bin.
      – Eject card and put back into Wii U and copy the data back to the console.


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