Goodbye to Rock Paper Shotgun

All buckets eventually run dry.

Sadly, earlier this week the editors of Rock Paper Shotgun informed me that they no longer require me to write my weekly discount column, or any other freelance work. I have written the Bargain Bucket for RPS almost every single weekend since March 2009, and sporadic other freelance pieces at various times, but not any more.

As for what happened, the RPS editors and I had a disagreement over a policy decision. I feel that I was acting in the best interests of the readers, but it could be that there’s aspects of the disagreement that I don’t fully understand. I believe that the proposed changes would have impacted my ability to do the job properly, so I couldn’t agree to them. Given that, they have decided that they no longer want me writing for their site in any capacity.

I’ll certainly miss it. I took a great deal of pride in my work for RPS, and I put a lot into those columns. It’s a shame that it had to end like this, but I’ll never forget how much I owe RPS for taking a chance on me all those years ago. Writing for RPS has had an incalculable impact on my personal and professional life. Thank you to all the former and current RPS editors and writers for everything you did for me, I wish you all the best in future.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all of the readers of RPS. You’re the most enjoyable audience that I have had the pleasure of writing for. You’ve always been polite, friendly, and fair to me. It’s been a real privilege to serve you.

Finally, I’d like to thank the developers of any games that I ever featured in the Bargain Bucket. You all gave me something to actually write about.

I’m not sure exactly what my future plans are. I currently have no ongoing obligations except for running SavyGamer, which I am absolutely committed to. I’m not too worried about money, although things might be a little tight now. I have a few ideas for other projects that I might engage in, and if anybody reading this would like to employ me to do something interesting in the games industry, please get in touch. If it’s something genuinely interesting, my rates will probably be pretty reasonable.

You can keep up with whatever I’m doing by following me on twitter.

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  1. neema_t #

    WHAT?! NO! Lewie! We’ll miss you, thank you for all of your words that I have seen and not seen. You’re the best.

  2. Daniel #

    lewie, I’m sorry to hear that! I really liked your work there. even though I also get your savygamer-updates through rss, I was always looking forward to the write-ups of the best deals. I’ll keep following you here, however.

  3. iisjreg #

    Well, now Bargain Bucket has a new home at Savygamer!

    (I really think you should consider your idea of being a publisher. There are a good number of people out there that share you values and passion for the industry.)

  4. jeeger #

    So, what happened?
    (And of course, I’m sad to see you go. I always read the Bargain Bin and purchased many a game from it’s recommendations. Glad to see you’ll continue writing over here).

  5. Sp4rkR4t #

    It’s a bloody shame, i just hope that when we find out what the policy change is that it doesn’t kill RPS’S reputation since there is really no alternative to that site i have found.

  6. bruno #

    Was it about sexism?

    • Lewie Procter #


      • Chris Capel #

        Regicide? Did they suggest killing some monarchs and you were against it?

      • bruno #

        I’m sorry but I had to ask, considering RPS’ fundamentalist position on the matter.

        • Lewie Procter #

          You didn’t have to ask, you could have put your energy into thousands of other more constructive, worthwhile or meaningful pursuits.

          • bruno #

            Well, I have donated before. Perhaps I should follow the advice.

  7. KKSlider1337 #

    Aw, I’m sorry to hear that Lewie. I’ve been a fan of SavyGamer for ages and would often read your pieces on RPS too. Best of luck for the future.

    • sonofsanta #

      Based on that, and this, I’d say RPS wanted work submitting in advance, and Lewie wanted to wait until closer to the weekend to know exactly what offers were on and (therefore) what the best offers were. Which is a problem I can see from both sides, and there’s not really an easy resolution for, but I’m still saddened by it. I enjoyed all Lewie’s work at RPS, not just the BB.

      • fish99 #

        This is how I read it too, and if that’s correct, I think RPS are being kinda stupid about the whole thing, because so many of the deals around these days are short lived, 24 hrs or even less. If RPS needed the piece 2-3 days in advance, they need to realize many of the deals would have expired by saturday.

        Anyway, it’s a shame all round. Best of luck to Lewie and savygamer in the future. I’ll still be here every day.

      • That’s not accurate at all. We asked for it by 11am on Saturday.

        • sonofsanta #

          Fair play, and thanks for the clarification – was just trying to read between the (vague, pencilled-in) lines.

          It is, at least, refreshing to see some professionalism & respect from both sides in a field that still so often seems lacking in both.

        • fish99 #

          Thanks for clarifying that JW.

      • SleepyMatt #

        It is true that the BB was a very moveable feast and occasionally somewhat hangover dependent, and I’m sure that RPS sees a bit hit-spike on Saturday mornings while people wait for it to post, so I can see their position on this. I for one never really worried overly when Lewie was ‘running late’ though – all part of the Bucket’s charm!

        Best of luck to you Lewie, I hope you find alternative work soon, and in the meantime I’m sure SG will remain as popular as ever.

  8. aidschbe #

    I bookmarked savygamer after the first few bargain buckets and have come to find the service you provide invaluable.
    As to what happened, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business, so long as nothing particularly despicable happened on either side, which I highly doubt.

    I hope you’ll make do money-wise, I’ll definitely follow whatever else you do. (so long as you write about it here, my twitter feed is already way too stuffed :x)
    All the best of luck to you in any case, may you live long so you can provide us with cheap games. 😛

  9. Paolo #

    I’m sorry to hear this. Even though I check here regularly, the Bargain Bucket was still required reading to get a more concrete recommendation or opinion on a game from you Lewie, and those helpful commenters too. It will be missed, but thankfully you’ll still be here.

    I think this is a perfect opportunity for another games review site to grab you and the bargain bucket for themselves.

    Good Luck Lewie!

  10. Sorry to hear that. I hope you manage to pick up another job soon!

  11. I’ll admit that I stopped reading the Bargain Bucket a while ago (and RPS in general, actually) because I check this site roughly 100 times a day.

    It was the Bucket that brought me here, however, and the possibility of future savviests missing out as a result of losing Lewie is a huge shame. I’m heartened to hear that will remain unaffected but a large part of a large PC community has irreversibly changed as a result of this action.

    Time to step forward and subscribe to this site, methinks.

    • Jago #

      Pretty much this.

  12. Shaun McCutcheon #

    It’s their loss, I’ll make sure to visit savygamer every week to compensate, keep up the good work, I know personally I am very very thankful for what you do on this website, you’ve saved me so much money over the past year, if I knew you in person I’d be sure to get you a drink!

  13. amandachen #

    Yeah, your bargain bucket was the only thing worth reading on RPS these days. I’m sorry for what happened, Lewie, but at least you’ve kept your dignity and integrity.

  14. Mango #

    Really sorry to see you leave RPS, Lewie. Savygamer is now on my bookmarks toolbar, I’ll be checking it regularly.

  15. smeghamr #

    Noooooo, that’s really bad news mate, sorry to hear it. It’s not gonna affect my fb, reddit, bbcnews, rps, savygamer rotation tho 😉

  16. Mikebloke #

    Sorry to hear that, I’m not a regular reader of RSP so it won’t really effect my viewing either way.

    Savygamer has been on my bookmarks for a long while now and its one of the only things I view at least once a day. Like many others, you’ve saved me a load of dosh and hope that doesn’t change.

  17. mana #

    Thanks for all the memories (and fish?!)

    Will keep visiting savygamer ofc! All the best!

  18. Jez #

    I reckon we’d see an increase in SG subscribers if there was a way to post deals an hour earlier for subscribers compared to normal folk. People would still see any given deal the same day, but subscribers would get their foot in the door first. This might not matter for an Amazon or Humble Bundle Deal… but if ZAVVI have a code for 20% off a PS4 limited to 30 people, then being a sub would offer a super return.

    Sorry if this noobish approach is too business like and against the spirit of things – just a thought for SG post RPS. 🙂

    • Lewie Procter #

      I’m not willing to give non-subscribers a worse experience just to try to encourage subscriptions. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  19. KenGriffeyIII #

    Sorry to hear there won’t be any more Bargain Buckets on RPS. On the plus side, I didn’t even realize subscribing was something you could do on this site so I’ll definitely be doing that. For anybody from the US like myself – its $1.65 a month to support a site that has saved me a ridiculous amount of money. Well worth it in my book!

  20. PGJ #

    I’m so sad to see Bargain Bucket disappear, it was my primary reason for reading RPS. And, as I’m sure many others did as well, I looked forward to each saturday when a new BB would come out. On those few saturdays that there was no BB, I felt sad, lost and confused. Which I guess will be my permanent state of mind now that BB is no more…

    Cheers and thanks for all your good work! I will certainly continue to read Savygamer each and every day…

  21. Ryan Denston #

    Good luck, friend.

  22. Ryan Marsh #

    Personally, I always thought the bargain bucket articles were a bit incomplete and so I’ve always come to SavyGamer instead when I have a bit of spare cash or even when I’m just plain bored 🙂

    VERY glad to hear the site will keep on trucking and it’s far too valuable a resource to be simply killed off! Sorry to hear about the disagreement Lewie but maybe this’ll open doors for you?

    Best of luck to you!

  23. TomP #

    Full support for ye. I like many found this place through the Bucket, but your site quickly became one of my most frequented, even after moving away from the UK (gotta love those digital deals!). I hope you find continued success both here and whatever else you now turn your hand to.

  24. Zeraqis #

    Time to man up and start writing more of your Savvy Gamer articles. The internet needs people like you!

  25. DeadRedZebra #

    You provided a brilliant service, and continue to do so. I guess I’ll have to start coming here every Saturday evening. I’d be all for reading a bargain bucket style article published on this site.

  26. Richard #

    I hope the Bargain Bucket can live on elsewhere… on here until it finds a new home? I will miss the collecting of words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs that made that column more than just a scroll through savygamer. And most of all I will miss those lovely photoshopped bucket images.

    Whatever it was about, I’m glad you stuck to your principles and still seem to have stayed pals with RPS.

  27. tigershuffle #

    thanks for all the bargains 🙂

    you’re bookmarked so ill still pop by when i can

  28. Sprout #

    Same story here, found you through RPS. Subscribed to SG via RSS, I will keep on clicking those links and hope this helps you do what you want to do with your writing. I appreciate the effort you put in to SG.

  29. MajorManiac #

    You have single handedly changed the way I buy computer games. You are the saviour and destroyer of my wallet. But you will not be missed… As I’ll just keep coming here instead.

    Keep up the great work mate.

  30. jinlaw3001 #

    Hey Lewie, just wanted to say all the best, and thank you for all your work. You’ve helped many a person out in all your time doing this, and I hope you will continue being able to do this for a long time. I’ve now put this on my auto open…thing, in place of RPS. I’ve somewhat lost interest in RPS, and your articles were pretty much all I read for weeks at a time.
    They’ve lost a powerful colleague in you.

    Perhaps there will be another site willing to take you on in a similar capacity soon enough. It’s a hard old game this journalism.

    If you ever need a hand, I, for one, will always be willing to help.

  31. mcw #

    You did great work on the Bargain Bucket so thanks for that!

  32. Scab #

    Lewie Procter is best Procter. Savygamer is love, savygamer is life. 🙂

  33. FluffyHyena #

    Good luck in your future endeavours Lewie!

  34. JaseRuss #

    The new deals they’ve had up since you left RPS have been really rubbish, bunch of no name indie titles in bundles that haven’t even been covered on the site!. Luckily I’ve been following SavyGamer longer than RPS 😀

    Onwards and upwards Mr P!

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