Dead Island, PC – £7.19

Dead Island, PC – £7.19

Registers on Steam.

Apply coupon “HOTUK0611”.

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  1. Maale #

    The code doesn’t register on Steam, just gives some nonsense about regions. Which is odd, because Finland is mentioned on the avalibility-page.

    • PearlChoco #

      Can anyone confirm this?

  2. Mikebloke #

    On gamersgate its going for £7.98 and says it can be redeemed on steam.

    If you got the 15% discount from IGN still, it knocks £1.20 off to £6.78.

  3. Gearcog #

    Activates just fine on Steam [UK Region].

    Hope that helps Pearl

  4. PearlChoco #

    Worked. Had to use a UK VPN though.

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