More inconsistencies from EA

As a quick follow up to the previous SavyGamer post about EA confusing myself and their customers with contradictory communication from different channels, it looks like despite telling me that the offer for a free copy of Battlefield 3 with Mass Effect 3 preorders would be available until the 5th of March in an email, they are now telling their customers that the offer is already over via twitter.

It seems like getting a straight answer out of EA regarding Origin promotions is simply not possible.

Cheers @Jam_sponge for bringing this to my attention.

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  1. Mithrandir0x #

    Damn it. Do they give a free copy of Battlefield 3 when you pre-order Mass Effect 3!?!?!?

    I pre-ordered it two days ago but I’ve received no copy of the game @@

    • Mithrandir0x #

      And my apologies for the double-comment. I ordered the Digital Deluxe one.

  2. anon #

    I’m rather glad there are no EA games I can’t miss. The only possible game I can even think of is the extremely unlikely scenario that C&C Generals 2 turns out great next year.

  3. Mike #

    Origin’s Carnival deal is also broken to all hell, I tried buying NFS2 Unleashed for £5 this morning but it would only go to checkout at £35, both via the client and website.

  4. Kieran #

    Cancellation also confirmed on EA’s website.

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