Future Direct2Drive Discounts Leaked

Silly old Direct2Drive never learn, and have already uploaded images for their upcoming sale items:
Upcoming daily deals are:

4th: SimCity Societies – £3.74
5th: Dead Island – £20.97
6th: The Witcher – £3.74
7th: Off-Road Drive – £9.98
8th: They have an image for Fallout 3 [Goatee Edition], which I can’t see listed on their site. Weird.
9th: Modern Warfare 2 – £9.98
10th: GTA4 [Complete Edition] – £6.24
11th: Napoleon: Total War – £6.24
12th: Empire and Napoleon: Total War [Goatee Edition] – £4.99 (That’s a bit sneaky!)
13th: The Stronghold Collection – £4.99
14th: No image loading
15th: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad – £12.48
16th: Duke Nukem Forever – £7.48
17th: Crysis 2 – £3.74
18th: Mirror’s Edge – £3.74
19th: Hunted: The Demon’s Forge – £7.49
20th: Company of Heroes Complete Bundle – £7.88
21st: DCS: Black Shark – £8.68
22nd: Total War Collection – £19.70
23rd: Dragon Age II – £3.74
24th: Dragon Age: Origins [Ultimate Edition] – £4.99
25th: Smugglers IV: Doomsday – £6.24
26th: Magicka – £1.99
27th: Democracy 2 – £3.74
28th: Fallout: New Vegas – £14.98
29th: Two Worlds II – £7.49
30th: The Saboteur – £3.74
31st: Dirt 3 – £14.98

Via pcdddeals.com

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  1. I’m not sure that there’s anything there that’s really grippingly great value is there?

    I mean Modern Warfare 2 for under £10, is probably one of the lowest prices that will have been, but even still, that’s a very marmite game heh.

    Dead Island is a great game, and I suppose Heros of Stalingrad is relatively new to be at that price, but a lot of these deals look a bit oldish.

    Any recommendation Lewie, and anyone 🙂

    • Lewie Procter #

      Crysis 2, Mirror’s Edge & Dragon Age 2 are pretty good deals.

  2. Paul Moloney #

    As someone not enamoured by the demo, Dragon Age 2 for less than £4 looks like great value.

    F:NV for £15 is terrible value, on the other hand (just on a Steam sale for €5, for example).


  3. Nismo #

    I’ll wait till a DA II package with all DLC like they did with Origins. For me It was cheaper to repurchase the Ultimate version than buying the Awakening DLC.

  4. sonofsanta #

    I suspect I know the answer to this, but… is Crysis 2 likely to register on Steam?

    • It’s an EA game so 99% probability it will register on Origin

  5. Jose #

    If both Crysis 2 and DA2 can be registered on Origin, i’m definitely getting them 😀

    • Adam #

      They can both be registered on origin!

  6. Xanadu #

    DA2 under a fiver – will probably get even though I’d rather wait for goty.
    DA ultimate tempting for dlc codes alone. Can pass on game+awakening to relatives.
    Not sure uploading images is a mistake, Lewie. They get free advertising from you…

    • Gnoupi #

      They would get it anyway.
      But it’s better for them to have the deals revealed once per day only. Because such kind of leak means that you have no reason to visit them this month, once you made your choice on the list.

  7. Chris #

    Dragon Age 2 is really tempting but as others have said a cheap GOTY is more so

  8. Xan #

    I predict half of these will be UK only or US only. *sigh*

    • Jose #

      You don’t have to predict. Just check the product’s page on both regional sites. Example of Crysis 2 on the UK store : This product is only available for purchase in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom

  9. Thanks for linking!

    Regarding the Total War sneakyness: they’ve done it before, either for Thanksgiving this year or last Christmas.

    • Can someone explain what the sneakyness is btw? Is it normally about £5 or something?

      • Xolo #

        It is the fact that Napoleon:Total War is the previous day’s deal for £1.24 more than the next day’s Empire:Total War and Napoleon:Total War bundle.

        • Oh that’s a bit of a duh moment from me heh. Thanks Xolo.

  10. Bob #

    Any idea if The Saboteur would register on origin? Tired of waiting for EA to discount it.

  11. navagon #

    The Empire and Napoleon deal is bloody good. Sneaky indeed. But bloody good all the same. The deals on EA games are all very agreeable too.

  12. Jose #

    So..yesterday’s sale was Mass effect, not Sim City societes.

    I’ma be confused.

    • I’m based in the US. For me, it showed a discount on SimCity Societies.

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