Amazon Black Friday: Tuesday

Day two of the Amazon UK Black Friday sale is kicking off shortly today. Yesterday we saw Nintendo Wii consoles for just £50, and we also learnt that if you do not click on the “buy now” button the very second it comes up, you are almost certainly not going to get anything. Perhaps today we’ll see the sub £80 250gb Xbox 360s that I have predicted will be available.

The gaming and “unknown” items available today are:
8.00am: Unknown item
10.40am: Goldeneye 3 [Collectors Edition] (includes Golden Classic Controller Pro). Current price £49.99, was reduced to £30 yesterday.
12.00pm: Unknown item
12.00pm: Unknown item “Home made dough without lots of bread”
1.00pm: DJ Hero 2 + Turntable, Wii/Xbox 360. Current price £62.99
2.00pm: Unknown item “A perfect little number for the bedroom”
3.00pm: Unknown item x 3
6.00pm: Unknown item x 2
7.00pm: Unknown item x 2
8.00pm: Unknown item
9.00pm: Unknown item

Head here to see all the deals as they go live.

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  1. G_Man_007 #

    Just curious Lewie, but where did the £50 Wii appear, I didn’t see hide nor hair of it. Congrats on getting it you lucky dog. 😉

    • StrongBow #

      It appeared about mid afternoon with about a 2 hour countdown, so not all of the deals are visible at the start of the day.

      • Oliver #

        It also appeared (briefly) in the morning. I posted it, noted it had disappeared and assumed it had been posted in error for the wrong day. I was half right, I guess.

      • G_Man_007 #

        I call that ballbagishness. Can hardly spend all day on the internet, or can I…

  2. I also managed a £50 Wii. I already had one, but it’ll make a nice XMas present. Of course, that won’t stop me trying to win another one…

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