Civilization V, PC – £2.35

Final Update: This was a pricing mistake that some people were lucky enough to be able to capitalise on, everyone else will be getting a full refund, and £3 credit. Details here.

Civilization V, PC – £2.35

You just get a code to plug into Steam. I can absolutely confirm that it works.

Thanks Darkhadou for the heads up.

Last night this seemed to not be working for some people, and I’m looking into what went wrong for them now, but it appears to be back up and working properly now. Please let me know either way in the comments, so I can track whether it’s working correctly or not.

Coolshop are….well, pretty cool, so I’m sure that if you don’t get the game out of this, you’ll get a refund.

Update: It now appears to not be working for most people. I’d say it is totally still worth ordering whilst it is displaying this crazy low price, because you’ll either get the game, or a refund, but maybe dial your expectations down.

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  1. Fnerk #

    Where do you find the code after you’ve paid?

    • Lewie Procter #

      It took me straight to it, but if you go My Account/My Downloads, you should see it. It’s 25 digits.

      • Fnerk #

        Eep, mine just a has a link to a .pdf telling me how to download and install Steam. Code will be in the ‘receipt mail’, which of course it wasnt.

      • Lewie Procter #

        Are you sure you didn’t go on “Show Order”?

        That’s what I get on the Show Order screen, but you want “My Downloads”, as seen here:

      • Fnerk #

        Yup, this is my view in My Downloads. The Download button is a link to the .pdf:

      • Rich #

        I guess you must have got in before the rush* Lewie. Now either they’ve run out of serials, realised a mistake in pricing, or are (hopefully) just slow to deal with this extra load.

        *A rush in which you played no small part, O lord of thrift.

  2. Dave #

    Also not seeing the code, how many emails did they send out? I’ve gotten an order email but it doesn’t contain the code.

    • Lewie Procter #

      I didn’t get the code in an email, it is displayed in the My Download section, which you find after clicking “My Account”

      • Dave #

        Yeah, tried looking there, but the page just has a link to a .pdf file explaining how to setup steam, no code.

  3. mlaskus #

    The same issue here, I only got instructions on how to install Steam, no code so far.

  4. Andy #

    There is no code for me either, and I’m looking in the Your Account -> My Downloads sections, just a link to a pdf.

  5. Sinomatic #

    Another link to a pdf without any code here too….

  6. Scott Cameron #

    Also no code here.

    Anybody notice (and I may be reading my account page wrong) that their order went from “Digital Download Ready” to “Open”? According to the top of the order details page, it’s still at “Open”.

    • Dave #

      Yeah, seeing that as well. Anyone who got this to work see there order as “open” on the order page?

  7. Michael #

    I don’t suppose anybody would like to help a US customer out? I’d instantly (or close enough) send money through Paypal. Let me know at @Mikerrrrr on Twitter.

  8. Ocid #

    Damn not particularly interested in Civ V atm but for £2.75 i’ll take that.

    Thanks alot for the heads up.

  9. How did you even register on the site? It requires my phone number to have at least three characters! Odd.

  10. Ah, not available to customers outside of UK 🙁 Too bad. Thanks for the heads up, though!

  11. moss_icon #

    worked for me this morning. that’s got to be pricing error, surely? wot a deal!

  12. Worked for me. When you’ve bought there are two big blue buttons, one says “see my code” or something and the other is the download to the PDF and that’s on the next line.

    £2.35 for Civ V. Man, that’s too much epicness for a Saturday morning. 😀

    Much <3 <3 <3 <3

  13. BaronWR #

    Still worked for me. The steam code was on the order confirmation page, or could be accessed by going to the “my downloads” section. Wasn’t going to buy Civ V yet, but at this price…

  14. Chris F #

    Same here.Nothing in the My Downloads page, other than the PDF.

    I clicked on the View Serial link,on the order confirmation page, but no joy. Obviously not in the email either.


    • BaronWR #

      Are you sure? On mine it was split across two lines with a load of other stuff : it wasn’t obvious at first glance.

  15. Mull #

    Yep, don’t see any link to the code or have one in my email, either 🙁

  16. peter #

    No serial link here either. Not really good enough. And my order status is “Open” also.

  17. Mr Pink #

    Just ordered this myself. Same problem as many others, no serial on the my downloads page, just a link to a pdf explaining how to install steam.

  18. Same problems as others are having – I did have the two blue buttons after I placed my order but clicking on show code took me back to the my orders screen.

    Perhaps its just a case of waiting for their system to dish out the codes – I’m sure it’ll sort itself out in a sec 🙂

  19. Just to note – looking at my order I can still cancel it, I’m presuming that until it’s processed properly and they’ve issued the code then the cancel order order button will disappear.

    Order status is showing as:

    23/10/2010 Open
    23/10/2010 Digital Download Ready
    [Cancel Order]

  20. MJFrog #

    Not working for me, all the links offered go the PDF that tells me how to download and install Steam. But the order is still open so I wonder if I have to wait for it to be sent through?

  21. Fringe #

    Same for me too, just a PDF at the moment

    Order History says Open and then Digital Download Ready

    • Fringe #

      I’ve just fired off an email to them to chase it up

  22. Alex V. #

    I’ve tried to enter an English address but I live in Germany and your connection is IP-checked, so if you don’t live in the UK don’t even bother.

  23. CUS #

    Same here – oh well, worth a go for under 3 quid, and it was a bit of excitement first thing on a Saturday to try it out 😀

  24. Iain #

    Ordered, pdf only, status still open and no code. Wouldn’t surprise me if this is a keying error and shoud be £23.50.

    • Rich #

      That wouldn’t surprise me. The question then is, have they run out of serials, or are they just having trouble dealing with this extra load?

  25. jujupatate #

    Ordered from France with a proxy, everything worked out but same problem, no serial, only the pdf file.

  26. Jaffo #

    No code as of yet. Tbh, dunno why I ordered it; I don’t play strategy games! 😀

  27. darth_careful #

    Ordered just after 9am Saturday; no codes here either.

  28. augustin82 #

    Hi folks.

    I’d love to order this, but i’m from France. Can anyone offer a solution, please?

    Thanks a bunch!

  29. TimTom #

    When I check My Downloads I’m greeted with a .pdf on how to install Steam and a blank space where an install key should be.

    Not that I’m particularly broken up over the loss of £2.35, but still.

  30. Rich #

    Yep, same problem. I went ahead and tried anyway, since they have to either honour it or refund us.
    I wonder if they had a limited number of keys.

  31. 10am Saturday, no code. Little sad. 🙁

  32. SRendall #

    Has anyone been in touch with CoolShop?

    • Lewie Procter #

      Yes, but as it is the weekend, I don’t expect a response until Monday.

      • mamac #

        what you reckon then shall i bother ordering it?

  33. FupDuk #

    same problem. i even used two coolpoints i’d earned so i could have it for 0.35, but meh, all i get is the link to a .pdf about installing steam, no code and a load of hassle using verified by visa which cost me an extra quid. too good to be true.

  34. FupDuk #

    if i cancel i lose my coolpoints, boohoo!

    • Lewie Procter #

      Don’t cancel then, wait and see if they’ll hook you up with a code or a refund.

      • FupDuk #

        i’ve created a ticket with them, will let you know what happens. cheers.

  35. Alex V. #

    With an IP spoofer I get to the payment screen, but it wants to charge me just £1! I think I won’t buy it 🙁

  36. Wild Bill #

    Hmm, the pdf now says that the install key will be in the receipt email. I can still cancel the order which I assume means its not gone through yet. Guessing once it’s gone through they#ll email the code.

  37. Rich #

    Well for £2.35 it’s worth a go. I got same as others, no serial code (I guess they ran out of keys?). Either order will be cancelled or I’ll get a fantastic deal.

    I used a credit card though, in case they mess me around

  38. Jeeva #

    I’ve ordered, but suspect they’ve run out of keys after a mis-price, and I have no chance. 🙁

    Here’s hoping, though! =D Thanks, Lewie / Darkhadou!

  39. Mike #

    I don’t quite get it, where would I find this pdf? At what stage do I put in the code?

    • Rich #

      If the code is displayed on the ‘My Downloads’ page, then you’re one of the lucky ones. You just enter the code into Steam.

      If, like most of us, there is no code in ‘My Downloads’, only a link to .pdf file about installing Steam, then you have to wait until either they cancel the order and refund you, or send you code.
      Of course I’m hoping it’s the latter.

      All of this is after you’ve placed your order.

      • Mike #

        So I have to risk paying full price for the chance of getting it cheap?

      • Gigli #

        Not at all. You pay the £2.35 and then they either eventually send you a code or refund your £2.35.

      • Mike #

        Are we talking about the download section under the library tab?

        When I put Civilization V in my basket it’s still charging £29.99.

      • Gigli #

        £29.99? You are trying to buy the download version that Lewie linked to, right? Because it sounds like you’re trying to buy a physical copy.

      • Mike #

        Found the page. So it should give you a PDF code on the account page of right? And the code works with Steam?

        Forgive me, I am noobley.

      • Gigli #

        You buy the game, and it’ll give you a link to a .pdf file which explains how to install Steam and (most likely) a blank space where an install key that can be put into with Steam should be. At some point in the future they’ll either give you an install key or a refund.

        No worries about noobleyness. If something I’ve said doesn’t make sense (which is likely), feel free to ask.

      • Rich #

        The code should just be displayed on the My Downloads page after you buy. The linked .pdf (a document) just tells you how to install Steam, which may or may not be of use to you.
        If you can’t find the code on the My Downloads page, it’s likely that the order will still be ‘Open’, as it is for the rest of us. That means that either they’ll send you code at some point, or they’ll refund you, having realised their mistake.

        At most you’re gambling £2.35, but really all you’re gambling is raised then dashed hopes. They’ll have to refund you if they don’t send you the code.

      • Mike #

        I’m on the my account -> my downloads page and all I can find is

        ‘My Downloads

        Title Download Install Key
        No downloads found.’

        Not even a link to a pdf.

      • Mike #

        Then again I do have Steam installed already.

      • Rich #

        I have Steam installed too, but I can still download the .pdf. Not that it does any good.

        I think we’ve broken their system. We’ll probably all be getting refunds.
        Still, wait and see I guess.

  40. MindFukr69 #

    I just ordered it through and all I’m getting is the PDF and order receipt without the serial. Waiting for Monday I guess….

  41. Dock #

    What a great scam! Sell at 90% off, and only honour 10% of the orders!
    😀 It’s like a game retail tombola!

  42. G_Man_007 #

    I’m thinking if they honoured a few, they would have to honour all, after having closed the loophole, as and when they do that. Worth a shot. And I suspect the £1 charge with Verified by Visa is a placeholder thingy to test that your credit card is kosher, and they refund the £1 once the process is finished. It’s a common thing I believe.

    • Rich #

      Didn’t have any Verified by Visa charge. I would’ve thought it odd if I had.

  43. Same as above, open order and no code. I’ll wait and see if they honour or refund. Thanks for providing a bit of amusement on a saturday morning Lewie 🙂

  44. mamac #

    i ordered and get no code or pdf thingy :O

    • joncfc #

      me too, i bought the game, got the receipt email but when i tried to download it i got an error message.

      looks like ill be waiting till monday too…:-/

      i hope this site doesn’t spam

  45. Rich #

    I have a feeling someone’s going to really get it, come Monday.

  46. Mike #

    Hey guys, there’s no link to any PDF in the ‘my downloads’ page. I have Steam installed already, granted, but all it says is:

    No downloads found.

  47. Conor #

    Yup, getting the no downloads found message along
    with other people.

  48. Diziet #

    Confirm, seems to have gone at the moment. My Downloads page says:

    My Downloads
    Title Download Install Key
    No downloads found.

    After completing purchase.

    • Illuminatatus #

      I got the same as this. Hope they send these through soon

  49. Jamie #

    An unknown error has occurred on DIBS

    The transaction will NOT be fulfilled and NO money will be moved.
    If you wish to try to pay again, please click “back” in your browser.
    There is though – a certain probability that the error will occur again.

    Can’t get passed the verified by visa page.

    • Ronan #

      I had the same verification problem when using firefox. Switched to IE and was able to complete the order. No serial key though or download in my account though

      • Jamie #

        Yeah, I just tried it in Chrome and it worked. But looking at my orders page I have 15 orders for the same thing. Only the latest one has any payment info attached though.

  50. G_Man_007 #

    This is how cheap I am, I went to Coolshop through Quidco, and I got a confirmation email from Quidco saying that Coolshop had tracked my order, and were in line to give me 11p cash back. My point, aside from being a cheapo, is that Quidco have said that things seem normal, though I had an order with Coolshop before that I cancelled, and I think I still got the cashback. Actually, yeah, I just checked my Quidco transactions, and I cancelled The Witcher Enhanced Version at £9.98,, and still got 49p paid!

    Where was I? Oh yes, just trying to cast a little hope. I just get the feeling that they would still honour our purchases after providing others with the serials, though they would have to first close the offer/loophole. Hopefully, we’ll find out some good news soon.

    • Centy #

      Yeah I am going to wait till tomorrow morning but I am fully expecting to just get a refund which will I can understand I mean coolshop is small unlike Amazon who could afford to honour these mistakes but I do hope they can eventually give me my codes. Ordered 2 copies for a couple of mates who are a bit strapped for cash so much so even this offer is to rich for them.

  51. Lewie Procter #

    I have multi page comments? That’s news to me!

  52. Ringwraith #

    Well, I’ve thrown in my order, time to wait and see how it turns out.
    Can’t go wrong when it cost less than Civ IV did for me, and that was a Steam deal.

  53. Petesy Wetesy #

    Ordered mine at around 15:30, and the code works fine the game is downloading now, hope the game runs fine!

  54. Lampros #

    I have ordered mine but no serial yet. I am not very optimistic about this.

  55. LetMePlay #

    Hi everyone , can someone help me with buying this great offer , i will payback.

  56. Phillipe #

    Luck you Petesey! I’m considering cancelling that order then trying again if that’s the case…

  57. Film11 #

    Any news about this? Guess we’re going to have to wait until Monday to get anything 🙁

  58. Valzi #

    I’m in the US and also wanting to buy it (but obviously unable to.) I’d take a chance on Civ 5 at that price.

  59. Just checked and this deal is now (or was) on HotUKDeals. So, if there was little chance of receiving the game before, that small margin’s now probably dropped down to zero.

  60. paketep #

    Damn, too late to the party.

    It’s saying “Product not found!” now, despite the fact that it’s showing Civ5 screenshots. Clicking proceed takes you to the home page.

    Shame on you, CoolShop.

  61. Film11 #

    Indeed, looks like it’s disappeared. My order is still there however, no key yet. Really hoping for a positive outcome!

  62. Film11 #

    Just got this reply:
    “We write to you because you have made a purchase of our Civilization 5 Download game. Unfortunately there was a price error on this product causing it to be shown at an obviously faulty price. The company that supplies us with the download games only supply a certain number of codes. Unfortunately this means we are unable to cover all the orders with the supply of cdkeys we can get from the supplier. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will naturally issue you a full refund. Furthermore we will give you 3 Coolshop points (a value of £3) as compensation.”

    Early birds got lucky I suppose. No harm done.

  63. Bob Bobson #

    Just gotten an email from Coolshop. It was a pricing error but seems they’ve honoured it until they ran out of codes, so no cheap Civ V for me. But a full refund and £3 of credit too. So Savygamer, what else is a coolshop bargain at the moment I can put my £3 on?

  64. Gentian #

    Just got this message:


    We write to you because you have made a purchase of our Civilization 5 Download game. Unfortunately there was a price error on this product causing it to be shown at an obviously faulty price. The company that supplies us with the download games only supply a certain number of codes. Unfortunately this means we are unable to cover all the orders with the supply of cdkeys we can get from the supplier. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and will naturally issue you a full refund. Furthermore we will give you 3 Coolshop points (a value of £3) as compensation.

    We thank you for your custom, and look forward to seeing you in our shop again.

    Kind regards


    Not surprised by this at all, it’s fair enough by me.

  65. Lewie Procter #

    There’s a new post with the update here:

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