APB – Review

It’s not very good.

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  1. Best review ever. 😉

    • Mac #

      In breach of their Review block – but lets be fair, after playing teh beta you are spot on.

      • user@example.com #

        I just read about that. What on earth are they thinking?

  2. SF Legend #

    This review is too generous.

  3. You’re off Dave Jones’s Christmas card list forever, sunshine.

  4. user@example.com #

    This isn’t a review, anyway. It’s got no number.

  5. Yeah, can you include a review score please – I can’t be bothered to read all the words, I always just skip to the score.

  6. Lewie Procter #

    sorry, the score is 5/10, +/-5

  7. Paul Moloney #


    Wow. Can I suggest either #apbgate or #apbfail as suitable Twitter tags.


  8. Short and to the point. I agree and great review.

  9. You didn’t mention the graphics.

  10. Alexrose #

    My brother tried to make me play the beta. We played for an hour and I was exposed to dull tedium and the same repetitive action (go to place x, kill some guy lots of times (why not once?), mission over).

    The loading screens were like 3 minutes.

    It was a very nice GUI, HUD, game engine and graphically very pretty and they could’ve done so much more with it. I was going to pick it up anyway despite the beta being bad because.. well.. it’s a beta. However, I saw you’re expected to pay for the game and THEN subscription. No way.

  11. Charlie #

    Played the beta. I loved it personally but whatever.

  12. Best review ever. LP, I <3 you.

  13. You clearly didn’t play it for long enough, biased review

  14. PAY LAV #

    I enjoyed the game to be quite honest. just imo.

  15. Kad #

    Haters going to hate.

  16. kallahan #

    my guess is the people who like it, liked Age of Conan when it was released, too.

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