Rockstar appear to be breaking their games on Steam

If you have Rockstar games on Steam, you might want to prevent them from allowing to autoupdate. They appear to be breaking some of their games with patches.

After getting caught having pirate code in the Steam release of Max Payne 2, it looks like they didn’t want to get caught with their pants down twice, and have tried to stealthily update some of their other games.

The problem is, they are breaking them in the process. Users on the Steam forums have reported issues like “no in-game sound” in GTA3 and “Vice City does not load at all“.

If you have these games, or any other Rockstar games on Steam, I suggest you turn off autoupdating:
1. Go to your games library.
2. Right click, then properties.
3. Updates tab, then select “Do not automatically update this game”.
4. Hit close.

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  1. Adam Perryman #

    Too late I saw GTA 3 had updated earlier this morning, Vice City and the others did last week 🙁

  2. Bob #

    Saw those updates happening over the last week, and I’ve been wondering about them. Vice City and San Andreas still work fine, but GTA 3 does indeed no longer have sound (in-game; the intro movies do have sound), showing “no audio hardware” under the sound options. It worked fine before the update, but I suppose I can always just download a nocd crack to get the sound back 😉

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