The SavyGamer Podcast, Episode 12

Another Monday, another show.

This week, we talk about the implications of Ubisoft removing printed manuals from their games, interview the developers behind Breath of Death VII for XBLIG, and a challenge is set. Plus, more things!

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This week, we’re restarting the weekly SavyGamer Game Night with Left 4 Dead 2’s The Passing on Xbox 360 and PC. If you want to play, join the SavyGamer Steam group, or add the Gamertag We R SavyGamers on Xbox Live, and join in the fun this Friday with the new Mutation, Bleed Out.

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See you here next week!

Halo: Reach [Legendary Edition], Xbox 360 – £89.85 delivered
Seriously, go and watch Consolevania/VideoGaiden, it’s all bloody brilliant
Breath of Death VII
Zeboyd Games

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