The internet is an important thing, and our politicians are failing us.

The Digital Economy bill is a piece of legislation that, if passed, will give the government the ability to censor the internet, at an ISP level. It serves simply to protect rights holders, such as record labels and film studios, at the expense of individual privacy and liberty.

It is a big deal.

This is what the House of Commons looked like as it was being debated:
House of commons

Both parties that are trying to push this bill seem to be happy to break the rules it outlays too.

Evil/Oblivious, you decide, but they are certainly hypocrites. Are they trying to make me vote lib dem?

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  1. Guy #

    I’d worry, the lib dems still support this bill in theory, just not rushing it. I still wish UKIP was a bigger party in the UK elections.

    • Seriously? UKIP? My god, we’ll get free internet, at the cost of self-respect and basic moral right. UKIP’s entire existence is based on the premise that people who were born here have – for some bizarre reason they don’t care to outline – more privileges than people who aren’t. Frankly, I find that abhorrent.

      • Guy #

        Where did you pick this up, i said UKIP! not BNP! or English Democrats! They are more anti beurocracy and centralisation.

  2. Josh #

    I’ll be voting Lib Dem at the elections but I do hope they create a bigger debate on it, and ask us, the public, about the proposals and create a real debate about it, instead of just doing what the record/film industries pay them to.

    Also I hope the ISPs cause problems due to their opposition to it if it does get passed.

  3. Sam #

    I’ve written to my MP about this. Everyone else should too. Go here:

    Find yours, and write to them to express concern.

  4. I shouldn’t be surprised at the above. I’ll be voting Lib Dem. As I always do. The lesser of three evils.

    If you think voting Lib Dem is pointless, think of it like this: You either vote for useless evil party A or useless evil party B. Alternatively, you could vote for unknown ability and moral alignment party C. As the major parties keep saying, it can’t be any worse than .

  5. mamac #

    Why should us savygamers be bothered about this we are not PIRATES!!!!

  6. It’s not like the Lib Dems are packing out the house in that photo either. Their benches are as empty as the others.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Indeed, I guess I mean on other topics.

  7. Xagarath #

    UKIP are a bit too corrupt for my taste, personally. Their MEPs were far worse on the expenses scandal than anyone else- they just avoided the press due to being the tiny party they are.

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