WIN: A copy of Bayonetta on the Xbox 360

Would you like to win a copy of Bayonetta for the Xbox 360?

In collaboration with Zavvi, the zombie highstreet retailer, which is now just another front for The Hut (althought they do have some really good prices), we have a copy of Bayonetta to give away.

Here’s how you can win it:

Via Email:
Use the contact form here to send me an email with your name and postcode, subject “I WANT BAYONETTA, BUT I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR IT”, and you will go into the draw.

Via Twitter:
Do a Twit shilling @SavyGamer somehow. Telling all your friends that it as a good website on the internet for the cheap games.

Via Facebook:
Make friends with us on Facebook, and do a status plugging us to everyong on your social network. Be sure to type @SavyGamer in the status update so that we can track it.

You can use each method to enter if you want, and it will count as one entry each time, so do all three to triple your chances. Good luck!

The deadline is Sunday night at midnight. UK only.

Competition now closed. Late entries will be pointed and laughed at. The winner will be announced shortly.

Winner announced.

7 Comments Leave yours

  1. André #

    Hey, is this UK only?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Lewie Procter #

      Sorry, it is UK only.

  2. Rohaq #

    Damn, I just got this game.

    Well worth buying though 🙂

  3. Just pimped this out using all 3 methods, although I am happy to just help plug the site for you Lewie!

  4. @Jaffo #

    Nice one, let the shilling commence!

  5. Shoogoo #

    Nooo 🙁 why is it uk only? I’m fine with paying the shipment myself! :/

    ah well, good luck to everyone.

  6. Jakkar #

    Excitement and joy! Witnessed a friend playing, and decided I need me some of this foolishness <3

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